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During the last decade or so we found it increasingly difficult to follow up with all the latest casino brands and offers out there. It is also very time-consuming, especially when the casino is brand new with no feedback or connections to any established brands.

NewOnlineCasinos.info’s goal is to provide you with a list of the most trustworthy new online casinos with the most lucrative bonuses so that you can easily pick which bonus to go for next time.

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7th May, 2013 – 24th April 2015: The site looked like this for cca. 2 years. I personally loved the design, but it slowly became obsolote and by the 24th April 2015 we updated it with it’s current mobile-friendly, responsive design.

The previous home page:
The previous home page

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Casino search filter

Casino filtering in action:
Casino filtering in action

Blog section:
Blog section

And well-received free spins page:
Free spins page

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