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There are two important pieces of information that online casinos know. First, they know that slots are the most popular type of game that they have by far. Second, they know that players really love getting free stuff, and they’ll show a lot of loyalty to a brand that takes care of them by offering them free chances to win. When you combine these two pieces of knowledge, you get a very clear conclusion: Casino free spins are one of the best ways to offer players value in exchange for giving them something they really want. You can get the latest such free spins from our Facebook page here.

Unlike traditional no deposit bonuses, free spins promotions give the player a certain number of plays, often on specific games, and always at specific stakes that can’t be changed. While all free spins promotions have the basics in common, the particulars of how their terms and conditions work can vary wildly. We’re going to break everything down for you here in a way that makes it clear how to get the most value from these free spins opportunities.

List of Free Spins

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The Basic Premise

Here’s the basic premise of a free spins promotion. When a player first signs up to a casino or as a part of a deposit-based promotional package, a set of free spins will be awarded. The game, number of spins and value of those spins are typically decided ahead of time.

For example, you might get 25 free spins on Net Entertainment’s Gonzo’s Quest slot worth $0.40 apiece ($0.02 coins across 20 paylines).

If you do the math, this would be worth a total of $10 of value, on average. However, the exciting aspect of it is that you could end up winning a lot more than that if you get lucky on the reels, and that’s a huge part of the appeal.

Atypical Wagering Requirements

Because of the variable nature of the winnings from these free spins promotions, there are a few different ways that the wagering requirements can be handled for these types of deals. There’s a lot more variety in how the play-through requirements can be set up, so you have to pay extra close attention to make sure that you understand exactly how the terms and conditions are set up for any particular free spins deal that you take advantage of. In short, it all comes down to how you decide the basis for how much has to be wagered.

One way to handle this is to simply say there aren’t any wagering requirements. This is obviously the ideal scenario, but you won’t see too many deals work like this. A lack of play-through requirements will typically only happen if free spins are added on as an additional promotion along with a bonus that does have them.

Another way to handle play-through requirements is to decide to base them off of the average value of the free spins. In the example above, since they’re worth $10 total, you might do a 25x play-through that would lead to a total of $250 in wagering being required. If the player doesn’t earn very much in winnings, however, then this can lead to some pretty lopsided wagering requirements, though if you win nothing at all, no wagering requirements are ever given.

A final way to handle these requirements is to base them around the total amount of your winnings from the free spins. If you earn less than $10 in winnings from our example above, then it might seem fair to scale down the play-through requirements as well. However, if you hit a big jackpot of $300 and have to do 25 * $300 = $7,500 in wagering requirements, then it suddenly doesn’t seem so favorable.

In any event, you should know which type of wagering requirements you’re dealing with when you take advantage of one of these offers.

Maximum Wins

Something that’s designed to help minimize the impact of free spins on these online casinos is a maximum win amount. This is a rule that doesn’t always exist for every free spins promotion out there, but it does for many. The basic idea is that you’re only allowed to cash out a certain amount in winnings from a set of free spins, and this is typically only a part of the terms and conditions if there was no deposit required for getting the promotion.

Maximum win values can be a bit frustrating for players, but the reality of the situation is that most players will never break that amount inside of a limited number of free turns. For example, even if you were given 50 free spins at a value of $0.50 apiece for a total value of $25, it would be very unlikely for you to break a $100 maximum win amount inside of those 50 spins.

Along these lines, maximum win amounts aren’t really that big of a deal for the vast majority of players in the vast majority of cases, and they’re not really worth that much consideration in almost every situation out there where you’re being given a chance to win real money prizes for free.

The Chances of Winning

There’s a bit of a give and take when it comes to casino free spins that are given to players, and you have to really understand this interplay between the player’s interests and the casino’s interests if you want to have a good feel for your chances of winning with these deals.

First off, it’s in the casino’s best interests to give players free spins and other deals as long as it leads to them making more in profits than they lose overall from people taking down real money winnings from the promotions. With that having been said, they don’t really lose that much from these deals, so they don’t have to make very much back to turn a profit.

For example, consider what happens if 100 players are given a set of free spins that are worth $20 each. Some people would think that this means the casino is immediately out $2,000 in value, but that’s not how it works. With the wagering requirements and other terms and conditions, the average player is going to go bust before they’re eligible for a cash out.

If even one player out of ten ends up making it, their average win is going to be less than $20, so they’re out a total of less than $200. When you add in a maximum cash out to lop off some of the best one or two winners out of the group, then it’s even less than that.

On the other hand, you have the interests of the player. The player is able to take one of these deals and get a real chance to win real money prizes without wagering anything. But that’s not all the player gets. The player gets a lot of excitement and entertainment, a bit more than they would get playing free versions of the same games, and that counts for something.

So as far as your chances of winning go with these deals, they’re not amazing, but they’re there. To get a real idea of whether or not this is a good deal for the players, you have to look at the relationship between the risk and the reward. There is no risk, and the reward is real, so it’s not a terrible deal in even the worst case scenario.

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