New NextGen Casinos


Founded: 1999
Part of NYX Gaming Group
License: Gibraltar

Next Generation Gaming, known as NextGen for short, has been one of the most important independent casino game developers since they first started back in 1999. What makes this company so important is a combination of their broad reach and their need to handle each game in a lot of detail. This combination of breadth and micro-management has led to a situation where their games are available in a lot of different ways, but that’s balanced with a strong need to put out some of the best games that you can find in the industry today.

The Right Balance

It’s hard to find casino software providers that have a good balance of an attention to detail and a view towards the big picture. With NextGen Gaming, you’re going to find titles that are found in a wide range of places including land-based establishments and various online casino software platforms, but you’re also going to find that they put a ton of effort into their games on an individual basis to give you the best experience possible no matter what you’re playing. This balance has led to NextGen being considered one of the most important independent developers in the industry today.

The Social Factor

Something else that’s really cool about NextGen is that they are making a big push towards adding more of a social factor in their games. For example, they have a complete line of free-to-play titles that are available on social networking sites, and this could definitely become real money play at some point in the future. They have won major awards for their innovation in the social space, and that’s a pretty big deal since the social factor is something that’s been missing in online casino games in a major way for quite a long time.

About the Games

The games produced by this company are set up in a way that allows them to be added to other gaming platforms. Along these lines, NextGen does not have their own casino software client. It’s not really necessary for them to have one because they put their games out in Flash and HTML5 formats that can be easily added to other platforms. The end result here is that their games are distributed on a wide range of software clients, and this means that players from all over get to enjoy them. This adds a lot of flexibility for your casino selection if you’re looking for a site that carries their games as well.

The Push for HTML5

NextGen has achieved success in spite of not having their own software platform by staying on the cutting edge when it comes to game features and technology. Along these lines, they are trying hard to convert all of their Flash-based titles over to HTML5. Like many industry experts, they believe HTML5 is the software platform of the future, and that just goes to show that they will really go out of their way to stay ahead of the curve.

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