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Founded: 1999
Number of Games: 500+
License: Isle of Man
Phone: +44 1624-645999
email: [email protected]

In the world of online gaming and gambling, the name of Playtech Casinos requires no introduction. For a regular online gambler, the name is representative of high quality and interesting games that provide the casino experience on screen.

Playtech casinos has a history and it is primarily known for several factors that make it different from the rest of the competitors. The lines below give a brief history of Playtech Casinos and in which areas do they excel over competitors and provide a better experience to their users.

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Playtech was established in the year 1999 and since then it has excelled leaps and bounds in terms of gaining customers who play their games on their provided online gambling platforms. There are numerous games, which the service provider offers, and over the years the number as well as the diversity in games has excelled. However, there was a time when Playtech faced a drawback, yet it did not affect its growth and it continued on prospering. The setback was of the Unlawful Internet Gaming Enforcement Act (UIGEA) that was presented by IPO in 2006, as an aftermath of which, Playtech had to announce publically that it won’t be taking anymore US customers. Thus, from that point onwards, Playtech does not entertain US customers, however, the number of international users playing on Playtech’s casinos and platforms has increased substantially and it has become a world-renowned platform.

As far as the features that make Playtech different are concerned, some of the major ones that make it popular among target audience are as follows:

Brand Affiliation

The first element of distinction with Playtech is brand distinction, where it makes games related to Marvel characters. Thus, it becomes quite natural that the games of Playtech are more popular among Marvel fans and are driven by their demand in the market.


Another element for which Playtech games are known is their diversity. The games offered by Playtech are not just limited to a single category or type of game; rather, they are related to a wide array of casino games and cater a huge variety of gamblers. This way, with its games diversity, Playtech makes sure that it captures most of the customers.

Mobile Games

The games of Playtech are not just limited to an online experience over the desktop or laptop computer, rather it has also reached the everyday user on Smartphone and other mobile phones as well. The games of Playtech are available on Android, iOS, and Windows platform making sure that users using any mobile with any operating system are able to gain access to the games of Playtech.


Another obvious and distinct fact pertaining to Playtech is that they never compromise on quality. Regardless of the fact that Playtech has hundreds of games, it still values and takes care of every single one of them, making sure that the apps give best usability to the customers.

In short, Playtech is definitely one of the giants in online gambling and casino industry. With its optimal quality, categorical diversity and brand affiliation it makes sure that it gets the edge over competitors and prospers in the market.

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